Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen, Sceners and Lovers!

This is the Xenon/Morningstar Headquarter... not the officail Fairlight site!!! -> www.fairlight.to

and get my homemade album at:Gregor_Morgenstern-TMM_LP.rar

Here you can find some links, pictures, ideas and homemade productions of our outpost.

This is only the begining. We want to reanimate and save the old-school scene and create new synergies...

...at the moment this site is under construction, so don´t hesitate to leave stimulations, ideas and
criticism in our guestbook or send me an email...

for HighEnd-Homepage design and comunication, get on my clans´ page at:
There you can find me alias |cS|Xenon... (It´s a site in german)

Best Regards

Xenon & The Morningstars

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